Zzyzx Recording was designed in 1995 as one of the first Pro Tools studios in Austin.  We were pretty much entirely digital.  Since then, things have migrated to include analog gear.  We pride ourselves in delivering highest quality recording you can get.  A small, country atmosphere not far from Dell Diamond in Round Rock, Texas, Zzyzx Recording is big on results.  Please come check us out.Post-Production audio, Country, Rap, Hip-hop, R&B, Jazz, Bebop, Ranchero, Christian, Gospel, Spoken Word, Radio jingles, Zzyzx Recording has done just about everything in Audio Recording.  It is our passion to get the best quality result.  We love all aspects of Audio.  Scot has been in the recording studio in some facet for 45 years starting at the age of 12 recording on Ampex 8 track tape machines.  Production, writing, musicians, publishing, tracking, mixing, mastering, location recording, dialog editing, scoring, film mixing, we have seen it and done it.